1) Adrenal depletion / Chronic stress

Stress at work and/or at home, long working hours, poor diet, lack of exercise and sleep cause chronic stress resulting in feeling fatigued and lethargic even when at rest. Cortisol, the stress hormone produced by the adrenals, regulates blood sugar levels and thus contributes directly to weight gain when it’s out of balance.

It works with insulin to keep the blood sugar stable to prevent cravings, overeating and mood fluctuations. Importantly, when cortisol is out of balance the body will store body fat rather than burn it for fuel i.e. the normal fat burning mechanism is severely impaired or broken.

Cortisol levels first rise when we are stressed and go back to normal when the stress is gone, but if stress continues without enough rest and recovery, the adrenal glands become exhausted and are unable to produce enough cortisol and subsequently its level drops.

This has a major impact on metabolism slowing it down and resulting in weight gain accompanied by fatigue, anxiety and depression, among others.

  • Signs and symptoms low energy levels ( especially in the morning), constant fatigue, brain fog, irritability, short temper, sleep problems, muscle and/or joint stiffness and pain, lower back pain, hormonal imbalances in both men and women, decreased immune function leading to frequent illness, various digestive symptoms.
  • Solutions – it takes time to heal exhausted adrenals depending on the level of depletion. Embark on a comprehensive adrenal restoration process involving tailored supplementation which is vital for recovery, nutrition improvements and lifestyle adjustments, especially stress management activities.
  • The Kalish Method is an effective adrenal recovery program that is based on lab tests results, tailored supplementation (including adaptogenic herbs) plus diet and lifestyle modifications. Click HERE to get in touch to discuss how this method could help with your health concerns.

2) Clogged liver

The liver plays a central role in the metabolism of all foods, it also is the body’s major detox centre, it produces bile which is essential for fat digestion, balances sugar levels, and most importantly for weight loss, it converts fat into energy.

When we put on weight quickly, the fat can’t be stored in the fat tissue fast enough and part of it goes to the liver as a backup location for storage.