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1 06, 2020

Histamine intolerance: causes and treatment


This post covers all aspects of histamine intolerance including its causes, symptoms, list of foods high in histamine, supplements and details of natural treatments to deal with excess of histamine I successfully use in clinic. Did you know that we can’t really have a histamine free diet like we can have a gluten free diet? [...]

Histamine intolerance: causes and treatment2020-06-01T12:38:32+10:00
2 05, 2020

IgG food intolerances testing – the ultimate guide


In this post I discuss and explain key aspects of IgG food intolerances testing, why and how to do the test and potential cautions. Other aspects covered include types of food intolerances, causes, symptoms, treatment and a few relevant research studies on the subject. I offer the IgG test for clients based in Australia who [...]

IgG food intolerances testing – the ultimate guide2020-05-06T17:24:29+10:00