My tailored Wellness Programs  are  designed to be the step-by-step roadmaps to health and a thriving life.  When you say YES to embarking on a truly life changing program, you’ll give yourself a chance to turn things around and experience how having good health and high energy can change your life. In the process you’ll get to follow a clear path and be supported and encouraged at every step on the way – doing it alone rarely works.


Test: Compatibility Food Testing

Compatibility Food Testing is a safe, non-invasive and accurate method of identifying foods, beverages, household and personal use products that are compatible with your body. Using a hair sample, the test identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of 500+ items tested has [...]


Test, Don’t Guess Package

GET TESTED FOR KEY NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES OR IMBALANCES! Most people with health complaints expect to find or be given a label/ diagnosis of their health condition. What if instead of asking WHAT disease you may have, enquire WHY you have it? It’s my firm [...]


Online Sleep Reset Program

ONLINE 'SLEEP RESET' PROGRAM THAT IS AVAILABLE ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE Are you suffering from insomnia or sleep difficulties? Do you feel tired all the time or exhausted on the weekends? Do you toss and turn in bed anxious and unable to go back to sleep? [...]


Natural Parasite Cleanse

Intestinal parasites are often overlooked as a potential cause of disease in the digestive system and in many other seemingly unrelated health concerns such as headaches, joint pain, mood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, and many others. Therefore parasite treatment options are important to consider, [...]

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