My tailored Wellness Programs  are  designed to be the step-by-step roadmaps to health and a thriving life.  When you say YES to embarking on a truly life changing program, you’ll give yourself a chance to turn things around and experience how having good health and high energy can change your life. In the process you’ll get to follow a clear path and be supported and encouraged at every step on the way – doing it alone rarely works.


Food Compatibility Analysis

Food Compatibility Analysis is a safe, non-invasive and accurate method of identifying foods, beverages, household and personal use products that are compatible with your body. Using a hair sample, the assessment identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of 600+ items evaluated has [...]


Test, Don’t Guess Package

CHECK FOR KEY NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES OR IMBALANCES! Most people with health complaints expect to find or be given a label/ diagnosis of their health condition. What if instead of asking WHAT disease you may have, enquire WHY you have it? It’s my firm belief, [...]