Project Description

Food Compatibility Analysis is a safe, non-invasive and accurate method of identifying foods, beverages, household and personal use products that are compatible with your body.

Using a hair sample, the assessment identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of 600+ items evaluated has on the cellular level where the foods we eat and the household products we use impact body functions.

Consuming inflammatory foods on a regular basis is linked to many health problems including skin conditions; sinus, allergies and hay fever; digestive disorders such as IBS, SIBO, flatulence and bloating; headaches and migraines; fatigue, mood disorders, and weight loss, among others.

The analysis takes the guesswork out of which foods are driving inflammatory processes and symptoms in your body impeding healing and recovery.

How does the assessment work?

Food Compatibly Analysis is different from any other hair or other evaluations currently available, it doesn’t indicate what a person reacts to i.e. there is no evaluation of allergies or elevated antibodies.

By excluding the items identified as not compatible at present, the cellular function is improved or corrected so the body can repair itself naturally. Often there may be no visible signs or symptoms from eating incompatible foods as many imbalances exist on a sub-clinical level i.e. are not yet detected by the standard lab tests. Importantly, this assessment will address your symptoms as well as the underlying causes.

What’s covered?

The standard Food Compatibility Analysis covers 600+ items including all food groups, gluten free and other health foods, kitchen, bathroom and laundry items. It includes common local brands found in Australian supermarkets and health food stores.

The focus is on identifying what you CAN eat and use rather than what you can’t. See the sample of Standard Australian 600+ items test list here.

The Food Compatibility Analysis can be performed for adults, children, babies as well as pets. Test categories include:

  • Standard assessment covering 600+ items – Australia

  • Standard assessment covering 500+ items – Dubai

  • Standard assessment covering 500+ items – India

  • Standard assessment covering 500+ items – New Zealand

  • Standard assessment covering 500+ items – Poland

  • Standard assessment covering 500+ items – Singapore

  • Standard assessment covering 500+ items – United Kingdom

  • Standard assessment covering 500+ items – United States

  • Baby assessment

  • Animal assessment

How to do the assessment?

Collect your hair sample at home, complete an Order Form rand send the hair sample to me.

The results are usually available within two weeks. I will email the results to you and arrange a phone call to help you interpret the findings.

The findings will facilitate building a strong foundation to improve your digestive and immune functions, and will also support other therapies you may be undertaking.

Find out more details about the assessment and its applications HERE.

Take this opportunity to start confidently using everyday foods as your medicine!


A safe, non-invasive and accurate method of identifying foods, beverages, household and personal use products that are compatible with your body i.e. help the body to repair and heal naturally


Findings available within 10-14 days



Contact me to discuss your circumstances to see if this assessment would be suitable for you. I offer a 15-minute free phone or Skype discussion to discuss your health needs. You can also book it online.



“I have had amazing results working with Joanna with regard to tiredness, hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. The first time I saw Joanna, I felt like someone was really listening to what I was saying for the first time – she looked at every detail of both my present lifestyle and diet back to my childhood in order to find the best way of treating me. No one had ever taken this kind of time to look over my medical history, food and supplement intake and lifestyle. No research was too much trouble for her, and as a result after just five weeks of seeing her, I both looked and felt a different person. We worked as a team implementing my nutrition plan, lifestyle modifications and a supplementation program. Since then I have improved tremendously, thanks Joanna! It gives me a sense of comfort just to know that you are there for me.”
Mary, Retiree

“Over the past two years, Joanna has been my naturopath and consultant on all things relevant to my health and wellness. I have found her advice and consultations invaluable, as she has been able to improve many of my illnesses and ailments including: stress, menopause, and general unwellness due to an overactive (and often over-indulgent) lifestyle. What I appreciate most about Joanna is that her advice is evidence-based. As a PhD candidate in medicine, I am very sceptical about those who don’t do their research, and I find that Joanna presents the facts and the latest research in natural therapies. She has a lovely personality as well, which makes her an effective and pleasing person to partner with in keeping me healthy and well.”

Victoria, Academic

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