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Hello there! I’m Joanna H Sochan, a dedicated Natural Therapist and the proud owner of Naturimedica Holistic Health and Wellness.  I am passionate about solving YOUR health problems or challenges, and turning your life around. If you struggle with fatigue, autoimmune condition, any digestive problems, skin disorders or want to lose weight, I can help!  I would love the opportunity of working with you to help you get back the good health you want and deserve.



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Good health is more than luck, genes or germs, it’s about how we eat, move, think and behave. Body, mind and spirit – they all influence our state of health and wellness. As a holistic health practitioner I combine the best of both – natural  and functional medicines, with emphasis on the importance of good nutrition, tailored supplementation, key lab testing and personalised lifestyle modifications. This ensures my clients find the effective solutions they’ve been looking for. Although I’m able to help with most health challenges, I’m trained and have a particular interest in the following health conditions:

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