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Project Description

Intestinal parasites are often overlooked as a potential cause of disease in the digestive system and in many other seemingly unrelated health concerns such as headaches, joint pain, mood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, and many others. Therefore parasite treatment options are important to consider, especially in chronic health conditions.

I have a special interest and training in solving gut problems such as IBS, reflux, indigestion, bloating and intestinal parasites. Having researched natural parasite remedies and tried them first on myself, I can tell you it wasn’t easy or pleasant at times.  It took a long time to eradicate the parasites and then to repair the damage but I succeeded and then helped many clients as well.

The Natural Parasite Cleanse is for you if:

  • You have a confirmed parasitic infection with one or more parasites present as detected by the PCR stool test ord CDSA/PCR stool test. Most common parasites found in stool tests include Blastocystis hominis, Dientamoeba fragilis, Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium parvum. In addition to parasites, the comprehensive stool tests also identify pathogenic bacteria such as H. pylori, Klebsiella, Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Camphylobacter, Clostridium, Yersinia, Shigella; yeasts such as Candida species, and worms.
  • You’ve taken a course or multiple courses of antibiotics but still have the parasite(s) confirmed by the re-test and your symptoms didn’t improve or worsened.
  • You want to combine the medical approach with natural remedies that support and repair the gut damage resulting from using strong antibiotics
  • You want to use natural remedies wherever possible – these have fewer (if any) side effects and are suitable for longer term use.
  • You need someone to help you understand your symptoms and then commit to taking specific steps to get rid of the parasites for good

By undertaking this Natural Parasite Cleanse program, you can look forward to:

  • Increased energy, feeling stronger and healthier

  • Clearer mind and making better decisions

  • Decreased or eliminated food sensitivities, indigestion and food cravings

  • Vastly improved digestive function, getting more nutrients from the food you eat

  • Resolving gut symptoms often caused by parasites such as bloating, flatulence, cramps, belly pain, urgency, diarrhoea and/or constipation

  • Better mood and increased resilience to stress

  • Weight loss is a common ‘side effect’ of parasite cleanses

  • More self-confidence and better social life


  • Four (4) hours of consultation time over three months divided into either 1 hour or 30 minute sessions, as needed. Consultation are conducted either in person in the Sydney clinic or by phone/ Skype.
  • Test, Don’t Guess package (valued at $425) including two (2) 75-minute consultations: an initial consult and lab test results analysis and treatment plan discussion. Click here to check out this package’s details. This initial holistic health assessment and lab testing helps to identify what I call healing opportunities, otherwise known as health concerns, signs and symptoms. The blood and other functional tests allow me to laser-focus on your unique biochemistry to identify major and/or minor imbalances impacting your gut imbalances, the immune system etc **.
  • Bio-compatibility Food Testing (valued at $285). This helpful test will identify any foods, household and personal care products that you’re reacting to (i.e. not compatible items) as well as the ones which are safe to consume. The test results will provide a solid foundation for designing a tailored nutrition program for you. Read more about this key test here.
  • Personalised, holistic treatment plan to repair the organs/ body systems affected by the parasites. The plan is based on three key pillars:
    • Nutrition – including a comprehensive nutrition assessment and development of a personalised anti-parasitic nutrition meal plans, recipes, and help with making better food choices when eating out or shopping. This is a major component of the program and is an ongoing activity throughout the program.
    • Supplements and herbs** – these are key to parasite eradication, re-balancing and healing the gut, and re-setting the immune system. The supplements work synergistically with nutritional and lifestyle changes speeding up gut repair and healing.
    • Lifestyle modifications including:
      • Reducing stress and sleeping better – you’ll get the tools and strategies to minimise stresses and maximise sleep to heal quicker. This is a very important element of the program and key to successful elimination of parasites.
      • Emotional support – using emotional release remedies such as Bach flowers and Australian Bush Flowers.
    • Encouragement, support, coaching, mentoring and genuine care all the way to enable you successfully and confidently put into practice  and sustain the required improvements to your diet and lifestyle.
  • Handouts, guides, checklists, eBooks specific for parasite eradication, gut health and other areas, as required.

More comprehensive testing may be needed to identify less common parasites who can cause havoc in the gut. Examples include GI Map (Diagnostic Solutions Lab) or GI Effects (Genova Diagnostics).

** Please note that the costs of supplements and lab tests are not included in the program’s price. Monthly payment plans are available.

Where the treatment continues beyond the 3-month period covered by this program, further consultations and advice will be billed on an hourly basis (see information on consultation prices on the Contact us page).

Important: For more information on my parasite treatment approach and steps involved please read my detailed post: Parasite treatment considerations: Blastocystis hominis and  Dientamoeba fragilis.



Safe and effective natural gut parasites eradication methods for adults and children
Healthy gut = Healthy you


3-6 months+ (shorter for children longer for adults with long-term symptoms). Length of treatment depends on the severity of symptoms and other health issues present


3 monthly payments of $395 each


1 payment of $1,150

Contact me to discuss your circumstances to gauge if this program could be suitable for you.

I offer a 15-minute free phone or Skype discussion to talk about your health needs. You can book it online.



“I saw Joanna for the first time in January 2014 with my 8 year old daughter. My daughter was suffering from daily stomach pains for over 9 months which was making her miserable and very emotional. She was unable to concentrate on a task for very long. We had been to see the doctor several times with a few hospital visits. After waiting 3 months to see a paediatrician we were told that she had constipation. We did an intense cleanse with laxatives. After 2 months on laxatives she was still getting the daily stomach pains and the paediatrician told me to keep her on the laxatives and that it was ok to stay on them long term. This did not sit well with me especially since we did not see any improvement.

By the time we saw Joanna my daughter was desperate for me to help her with the daily pain and my husband and I felt desperate not being able to help her. Joanna was extremely kind and patient with our first visit, we felt heard and she did not rush us. She was able to explain some of the issues with the gut that my daughter was experiencing after analysing her diet and the blood tests. 6 weeks into the treatment with Joanna the first thing we noticed was that our daughter was less emotional and was able to concentrate much better and for longer periods. After 4 months our daughter is a lot happier and her stomach pains and gut symptoms decreased to a few pains every now and then. The treatment has helped our whole family change our diet for the better.

We are sincerely grateful for all the support and encouragement Joanna gave us. Thank you.”

Denise, Mother of Sophie, Then age 8

“Over the past two years, Joanna has been my naturopath and consultant on all things relevant to my health and wellness. I have found her advice and consultations invaluable, as she has been able to improve many of my illnesses and ailments including: stress, menopause, and general unwellness due to an overactive (and often over-indulgent) lifestyle. What I appreciate most about Joanna is that her advice is evidence-based. As a PhD candidate in medicine, I am very sceptical about those who don’t do their research, and I find that Joanna presents the facts and the latest research in natural therapies. She has a lovely personality as well, which makes her an effective and pleasing person to partner with in keeping me healthy and well.”

Victoria, Academic

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