Although we hear more about how to correct high blood pressure (hypertension), low blood pressure (hypotension) can be equally challenging to improve.

I’m contacted regularly by individuals who want to know how to raise their blood pressure by using natural methods, where possible. Therefore, I wrote this post to share my experience, a few remedies and tips to show you how to use foods, herbs and lifestyle changes to raise blood pressure naturally.

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Let’s get started!

Causes of low blood pressure

There could be a number of reasons associated with low blood pressure and any medical condition that can potentially cause it needs to be investigated and excluded by your doctor before embarking on nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Therefore it’s imperative to first check with your doctor for possible underlying medical causes of your low blood pressure such as any heart conditions, faulty brain signals or nervous system damage, to name a few.

Some heart conditions that can lead to low blood pressure include extremely low heart rate (bradycardia), heart valve problems, heart attack and heart failure. These conditions may cause low blood pressure because they prevent the body from being able to circulate enough blood.

Other causes of low blood pressure include:

  • Acute or chronic dehydration
  • Blood loss and anaemia
  • Heat and humidity can worsen low blood pressure
  • Severe allergies
  • Acute, severe infections
  • High stress and exhaustion
  • Certain conditions can contribute to dysregulated blood pressure including adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, mast cell activation disorder, Lyme disease, POTS, some autoimmune disorders, histamine intolerance
  • Some medications such diuretics, heart medications, levodopa (for Parkinson’s disease) and some antidepressants
  • Large meals especially high in processed carbohydrates

Some side