Let’s talk about sleep! You do it every night but most likely not enough to feel energetic, healthy and well. It’s too easy to put sleep at the bottom of your priorities as our culture encourages and even glorifies skipping sleep.

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Lately sleep has finally been getting well deserved attention from the mainstream media, with many articles on the key importance of restful sleep for our energy levels, alertness, concentration and memory, digestion and pretty much everything else to do with health and wellness!

In this article I’ll present you with my top 10 foods and home remedies for deep sleep, based on the scientific research and clinical evidence. These are key food-based remedies I recommend to my clients.

Our fast-paced world

We live in a 24/7 world where night and day merge into one long stretch of work, shopping, watching TV, constantly checking social media and smart phones, and then family time, too.

I find it hard to believe that sleep is seen by some as non-productive time and as something that gets in the way of doing and having more. Some even say that sleeping for 7-8 hours is for undisciplined and lazy people (!), and not for top achievers or successful executives (not true at all!).

Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people don’t realise how important sleep is to their overall health,  wellbeing and functioning well daily. They burn the candle at both ends – stay up late at night and then get up early to go to work, creating sleep deficit as they go.

In the meantime, the lack of sleep starts to affect their work performance and productivity, their moods and stress tolerance, and most significantly short- and long-term health.

We now know that sleep and lack of it affect many body systems including brain function, metabolism (and weight gain), the immune system, the hormones and endocrine system.

There is no doubt that insufficient sleep will derail your efforts to improve your health and lifestyle habits.

Some examples

  • You won’t exercise if you’re exhausted from lack of sleep
  • You won’t make good food choices if your appetite is out of whack and you eat sugary foods to quickly get more energy to keep going
  • And you won’t be able to control stress either, likely depleting your adrenal glands in the process, leading to adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue down the track

Importantly, you don’t have to lose huge amounts of sleep before it takes its toll.

Partial sleep deprivation has substantial effects on sleepiness during the day, on reaction times and motor and cognitive functions. Brain fog sets in, it’s hard to concentrate on even basic tasks, and an uneasy feeling of overwhelm is experienced daily.

I think you get the picture and many of you are nodding your heads in recognition by now.

Home sleep remedies

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