A Harvard University meta-analysis (from July 2012) has concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas. You can read the summary of the findings of the 2012 study and the follow-up 2014 study here.

In summary, the study established that water fluoridation significantly reduces IQ in children and that fluoride may be a neurotoxin that affects brain development. Children seem to be more susceptible to the effects of ingesting fluoride. For example 50% of ingested fluoride is deposited in the bones of children as opposed to 10% in adults.

To date more than 23 human studies and 100 animal studies have linked fluoride to brain damage. Fluoride suppresses the immune system at low dosages which can raise our risk of chronic disease, including cancer. Studies have shown that fluoride toxicity can lead to a number of health problems, including:

  •  Arthritis
  •  Bone fractures
  •  Dementia
  •  Disrupted immune system
  •  Damaged sperm and increased infertility
  •  Muscle disorders
  •  Thyroid disease, including lowering thyroid function

According to Wikipedia, over 70% of all population in Australia is drinking fluoridated water. Many of our drinking water suppliers began fluoridation in the 1960s and 1970s. The first town to fluoridate the water supply in Australia was Beaconsfield in Tasmania in 1953. For your information here is the current data (by states) on access to fluoridated water:

  • NSW – 95% of population (Sep 2011)
  • Victoria – 90% (Aug 2012)
  • ACT – 100%
  • Western Australia  – 92% (2012)
  • South Australia – 90%
  • Northern Territory – 70% (2012)
  • Queensland became the last state to formally require the addition of fluoride to public drinking water supplies in December 2008.

What can we do about it?

Not much by the look of it as it’s quite difficult to filter out fluoride of the water once it’s added. Getting a good water filter is one option, for example reverse osmosis filters are quite effective but they are expensive and have their own drawbacks. One thing we can definitely do is to switch to fluoride free toothpaste.

It seems that the best solution would be to stop adding fluoride to drinking water altogether; however, judging by the current governmental thinking, this isn’t likely to happen in the near future.

Hopefully, more studies on how fluoride reduces children’s IQ from respected scientific institutions like Harvard will draw attention of the relevant decision makers to the health costs associated with using fluoride, and thus the need to increase spending on healthcare. In the meantime, the well-known and a very true statement by Arthur Schopenhauer comes to mind: ‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident’

Good health and blessings

Joanna Sochan
Holistic Health and Lifestyle Therapist
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