Low Blood Pressure: Nutritional & Lifestyle Solutions eBook



Having a normal blood pressure is an important indicator of overall health. There is a great deal of information and resources nowadays on how to address high blood pressure (hypertension), which is experienced by many people both younger and older. Low blood pressure (hypotension) receives much less attention but can be equally challenging to correct or improve.

Low blood pressure can be tricky to correct or improve. The underlying cause(s) must be identified prior to prescribing any treatment, whether natural or drug.

In my research and clinical experience, it has been difficult to find reliable material about hypotension. Therefore, I have compiled and made available here the most relevant information on how to address hypotension with natural medicine methods and remedies.

Combining your therapy of choice with nutritional support, appropriate supplements, and lifestyle changes should bring faster and longer-lasting effects. Often, natural medicines and nutrition can also be used on their own with excellent results.


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