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Did you know that adrenal fatigue syndrome i.e. HPA axis dysregulation (HPA = Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal) is at the root of many chronic health conditions?

Have you been experiencing these symptoms?

  • Fatigue or low energy

  • Poor stress resilience

  • Insomnia and sleep problems

  • Digestive problems (bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, food sensitivities, IBS, SIBO)

  • Brain fog and memory lapses

  • Blood sugar imbalances (low or high)

  • Hormonal imbalances (PMS, difficult menopause)

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Pain and inflammation

  • Weight gain (especially around the middle)

  • Frequent illness (including colds and flu)

  • Many autoimmune conditions e.g. Hashimoto’s

Adrenal dysfunction depletes every single system of the body, from your gut, your brain, reproductive and thyroid hormones, your muscles, food cravings and digestive upsets, and even your skin by accelerating skin ageing!

How do you know you have adrenal fatigue syndrome? Get tested! Testing is important not only to confirm if you have adrenal fatigue syndrome but also to exclude other conditions that have similar symptoms and presentation including chronic fatigue syndrome, mitochondrial dysfunction and circadian rhythms dysregulation.

You can take the first step now! Complete this short Adrenal Stress Questionnaire to assess your current adrenal stress levels. The results and interpretation guide will be emailed to you. Also, please read my article on the adrenal fatigue treatment and The Kalish Method I use, in addition to my own treatment protocols honed over the past five years of working with many clients experiencing adrenal burnout.

Having recovered from severe adrenal fatigue myself and then having guided many clients through the recovery process, I developed this comprehensive adrenal recovery program to provide you with a step-by-step roadmap to recharging your energy and reversing adrenal fatigue methodically and holistically. Importantly, you’ll get the tools, learn self-care skills and get the support you need to make the necessary adjustments to recover your energy and health for good.

Importantly, this program isn’t just about fatigue. The life-changing information and solutions provided will transform the way you manage your health from now on, help you recover your energy and finally turn your health and life around.

Addressing the HPA axis dysfunction is the key factor to of achieve any health-related goal, whether it’s recovering from chronic illness, enjoying the food you eat, having healthy hormones, enjoying your food or just living as healthy a life as possible.

Dealing with and repairing HPA axis function is something I do with every single client I work with, as I believe it’s necessary for recovery and healing from any chronic health condition.​

To further understand the many aspects of adrenal fatigue and how it impacts your body, I recommend you review my articles covering key aspects of adrenal stress


My aim was to create a program that is as simple to follow as possible when dealing with complex, long-term health imbalances. The program’s main aim is to establish a solid foundation over the 3-month period to enable adrenal recovery which may take 6-18 months to accomplish.

The program provides powerful and specific nutrition, supplement, stress management, sleep and exercise solutions, as well as emotional support that will get you feeling better soon, providing you commit to consistently making the changes required.

The road to health won’t be easy and there will be ups and downs on your journey. Also, you’ll need lots of support along the way, therefore I created this program to essentially hold your hand whilst you go through the recovery steps and stages. On the way I’ll provide you with effective, simple and doable solutions, both traditional natural remedies and evidence-based natural methods, where possible.

In addition to the support and encouragement you’ll also need to make serious, life-changing shifts to your habits and daily routines if you want to maintain the health improvements gained on the Program and feeling good again. I’m afraid there are no shortcuts.

Adrenal fatigue recovery graph


  • Test, Don’t Guess package (valued at $425) including two (2) 75-minute consultations: an initial consult and lab test results analysis and treatment plan discussion. Click here to check out this package’s details.
  • Adrenal Hormone Profile test (valued at $120-$130 depending on the lab) to assess adrenal stress by measuring the two key adrenal hormones: cortisol and DHEA. Find out more about this test here.
  • Food Compatibility Assessment (valued at $295). This helpful assessment will identify any foods, household and personal care products that you’re currently reacting to (i.e. not compatible items) as well as the ones which are safe to consume. The findings will provide a solid foundation for designing a tailored nutrition program for you. Read more about this assessment test here.
  • Two (2) hours of consultation/coaching time over three (3) months divided into either 1 hour or 30-minute sessions, as required. Consultation are conducted either in person in the Sydney clinic or by phone/ Skype. Total consultation and coaching time, including the Test Don’t Guess package: 4.5 hours.
  • Personalised, holistic treatment plan to replenish the adrenal glands and restore the HPA axis. The plan is based on three key pillars:
    • Nutrition – including a comprehensive nutrition assessment and development of a personalised nutrition plan with detailed meal guidelines, various recipes, and help with making better food choices when eating out or shopping. This is a major component of the program and is an ongoing activity throughout it.
    • Supplements and herbs – these will help to address any nutritional deficiencies confirmed by lab testing that affect adrenal health. Tailored, well-chosen supplements are an integral part of the treatment. The supplements work synergistically with nutritional and lifestyle changes speeding up repair and healing. Whilst on this program you’ll receive a 5% discount on all purchased supplements.
    • Lifestyle modifications including:
      • Reducing stress and improving sleep – these are very important elements of this program. You’ll get the tools and strategies to minimise your stresses and maximise deep sleep and relaxation daily.
      • Exercise and movement – tailored, simple solutions for best forms of exercise for your condition and fitness level.
      • Emotional support – using emotional release remedies such as Bach flowers and Australian Bush Flowers, referrals to counsellors or other relevant health practitioners, as needed.
      • Encouragement, support, coaching, mentoring and genuine care all the way to enable you successfully and confidently put into practice and sustain the improvements to your diet and lifestyle.
    • Email and phone support throughout the Program in addition to in-person or online consultations, I also provide email support for additional guidance and to solve minor obstacles during the program.
    • Program resources – free guides, downloads, worksheets, questionnaires, videos etc.

    ** Please note that the costs of supplements and lab tests (other than the Adrenal Hormone profile and Bio-compatibility Food Testing tests, as stated above) are not included in the Program’s price. Monthly payment plans are available.

    This program has been applied and tested over the last five years with good results for most clients. You can check out what they say about working with me here.

    On completion of this Foundations Program and establishing better nutrition and lifestyle habits key to recovery, the natural treatment  continues for a period needed to sufficiently recharge the adrenals, regain the energy, sleep better and manage stress daily. This varies for each person and it may take 6-12+ months to recover.

    During the recovery period, it’s most beneficial to connect on a regular basis (usually monthly) to check on your progress, solve any new challenges that may come up, adjust supplementation or nutrition where needed, answer your questions or repeat the tests, as required. These sessions are billed on an hourly basis.

    If you are ready to let go of fatigue for good, contact me to discuss your circumstances and how I can help



1-ON-1 face-to-face in-person or Skype sessions

Foundations adrenal fatigue recovery program – a step-by-step roadmap to recharge your energy and regain good health
Get your good life and mojo back!


From 3-18 months. Every person’s adrenal fatigue recovery journey is different, therefore it’s hard to estimate how long it’ll take you to start feeling significantly better.

You should start noticing improvements once you’ve adjusted your diet and lifestyle habits, but keep in mind that adrenal fatigue isn’t something that is fixed overnight.

Give yourself a minimum of 6 months to start feeling better, and at least 12 months if you’ve had adrenal fatigue symptoms for longer than one year.


3 monthly payments of $495 each


1 payment of $1,400

Contact me to discuss your circumstances to see if this program  could be suitable for you.

I offer a 15-minute free phone or Skype discussion to talk about your health needs. You can also book it online.



“I first came to see Joanna after becoming frustrated with the lack of results with the medical treatment I had been receiving. For six years I have struggled with fatigue, foggy mind, low blood pressure, dizziness and insomnia. No matter how much I rested or slept, I still lacked the energy and was just barely getting through the day. Whilst working with Joanna we discovered that I had a stage 3 adrenal exhaustion and also a gluten intolerance. With a simple change of diet, daily relaxation activities and taking adrenal herbs and supplements, my fatigue diminished within 3-4 months and I began to feel more energetic for the first time in years. Additionally, I noticed my mind worked better and I felt more positive about life. Joanna has truly been a gift in my life. I wish I’d have meet her all those years ago when my health troubles started. Not only is she a first-class practitioner but she is a really warm and nurturing person who treats her patients with true respect and dignity. I highly recommend Joanna to anyone seeking health changes and a truly genuine practitioner-patient relationship.”
John, Office Worker
“I have had amazing results working with Joanna with regard to tiredness, hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. The first time I saw Joanna, I felt like someone was really listening to what I was saying for the first time – she looked at every detail of both my present lifestyle and diet back to my childhood in order to find the best way of treating me. No one had ever taken this kind of time to look over my medical history, food and supplement intake and lifestyle. No research was too much trouble for her, and as a result after just five weeks of seeing her, I both looked and felt a different person. We worked as a team implementing my nutrition plan, lifestyle modifications and a supplementation program. Since then I have improved tremendously, thanks Joanna! It gives me a sense of comfort just to know that you are there for me.”
Mary, Retiree

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