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10 10, 2019

Foods and home remedies for deep sleep


Sleep Let's talk about sleep! You do it every night but most likely not enough to feel energetic, healthy and well. It’s too easy to put sleep at the bottom of your priorities as our culture encourages and even glorifies skipping sleep. (At the bottom of this article you can download my FREE  Top 3 [...]

Foods and home remedies for deep sleep2019-10-10T20:42:06+11:00
1 10, 2019

Top 5 delicious and nutritious salad recipes


Salad is such a versatile food that can serve as either a side or main dish depending on the ingredients. You can make delicious and nutritious salads any way you like from simple vegetable one to the main meal varieties by adding cheese, meat, grains or nuts. Having a healthy, homemade dressing is important as [...]

Top 5 delicious and nutritious salad recipes2019-10-10T11:50:28+11:00
27 08, 2019

Nutrition for good mental health: the evidence


Do you think that nutrition matters when it comes to good mental health? I certainly do. As a Nutritionist and Naturopath in clinical practice for more than seven years now, there is no doubt in my mind that poor diet leads to poor health outcomes, as it causes nutritional deficiencies impacting on all body systems, [...]

Nutrition for good mental health: the evidence2019-08-27T20:04:05+11:00
11 07, 2019

Top 3 herbal teas to feel and look great!


Herbal teas have been used for centuries to boost people’s health and wellbeing, often as the first and sometimes the only medicine available. The teas abound in health benefits, are relaxing and calming and can be used in any season. For many of us there’s nothing nicer on a cold day than a soothing cup [...]

Top 3 herbal teas to feel and look great!2019-10-14T20:08:42+11:00
20 06, 2019

Online naturopathic consultations Australia


Are you unable to personally make it to a natural medicine clinic due to remote location, time constraints or illness? Thankfully distance is not a barrier to receive naturopathic care nowadays. You can now talk to a naturopath online and get comprehensive and personalised naturopathic advice online wherever you are. I help both, local [...]

Online naturopathic consultations Australia2019-08-18T20:06:15+11:00
11 06, 2019

Apple cider vinegar and raw honey cleansing tonic


This drink will help with detoxing and cleansing the gut, lowering blood pressure and having more energy Honey and apple cider vinegar each have many healing properties and when combined the benefits are even greater (read about apple cider benefits and uses below). They are rich in potassium which regulates heartbeat and muscle contraction and [...]

Apple cider vinegar and raw honey cleansing tonic2019-09-26T17:20:15+11:00
27 05, 2019

Vitamin A: What you must know about this vital nutrient


Vitamin A is an essential nutrient we can't do without but it's often overlooked by both health practitioners and patients which may result in a deficiency that is not corrected sometimes for a long period of time. In fact many unexplained and difficult to resolve chronic health problems are associated with low levels of this [...]

Vitamin A: What you must know about this vital nutrient2019-07-31T20:36:21+11:00
14 05, 2019

Sauerkraut: how to make your own plus sauerkraut recipe


I have been making sauerkraut for many years using my Dad’s delicious and unique sauerkraut recipe – my family used to make it together and in large quantities every autumn. It was fun and making it now always brings fond childhood memories for me. Having made the sauerkraut once, you will see how easy is [...]

Sauerkraut: how to make your own plus sauerkraut recipe2019-07-31T20:36:58+11:00
26 04, 2019

Can multivitamins cause anxiety or panic attacks?


Question: I have had two experiences in the past 3 years where I have taken multivitamins to boost my wellbeing at the time, and then about a week into taking them started to have very out of character anxiety levels and panic attacks. I correlate these attacks to the use of the multivitamins because both [...]

Can multivitamins cause anxiety or panic attacks?2019-07-31T20:37:34+11:00
3 04, 2019

Histamine intolerance: causes and treatment


Histamine intolerance is a fairy common but under recognised and not fully understood problem linked with food sensitivities as well as gut and metabolic imbalances. When a person has problems metabolising and breaking down histamine, its levels build up and lead to worrying symptoms such as hives, rashes and itching, swelling, abdominal pain, insomnia, fatigue [...]

Histamine intolerance: causes and treatment2019-08-06T21:31:34+11:00
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